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Board of Directors

Nadeem Sheikh

Nadeem Sheikh


CEO's Message

I feel privileged when writing as the CEO of Karma Software Solutions. This position helps me witness the World’s remarkable IT development and innovation and its contribution to opening the global horizon for businesses.

Over the past decade, Karma Software Solutions has achieved a lot to become one of the most promising IT companies. During the last three to four years of unprecedented situations globally, we have proved resilience in the company’s basic infrastructure and environment. This achievement has made us an organization with value-creating potential, and we have achieved it with the help of our people, processes, and integrated global model. 

I would like to thank my support management and employees for their ongoing support in helping Karma Software Solutions for its continued success. I would also like to thank the clients for their trust in our people and procedures to develop IT products that can help them grow as an organization. Finally, I wish all stakeholders, including the management team, employees, and clients, every success in driving Karma Software Solutions toward achieving our organizational goals and objectives.

Managing Director's Message

Thank you for visiting our website, Karma Software Solutions.

Karma Software Solutions is a name of excellence in providing top-quality IT products and top-notch IT services to run your business operations smoothly. Our team of professionals ensures we deliver only the best and develop trust that forces our employees to continue working with us. We have achieved this target only through providing the promised work to customers on time and using no shortcuts to achieve business success.

Honest commitments and timely delivery of services are our trademarks in the IT industry. To ensure it, we have a strong customer support department to improve your experience as a client and believe in our skills.

Bilal Azeem

Bilal Azeem

Managing Director
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